Friday, 29 July 2011

A Celebration!

Today is (or nearly was) The Old One's Birthday.

He really is A Lot Older Than Me and, despite his idiosyncrasies, I love him to bits.

The Young One got up early and arrived in our bedroom with his normal breakfast of brioche, confiture and coffee.

His birthday present from us was The King's Speech as we thought he'd like something we can all enjoy (ulterior motive there!).

We had a relatively quiet day until a long standing friend arrived seeking refuge.  Out came the  rosé and white wines and the carefully planned birthday supper turned into mayhem!

However, in between the celebrations I found a quiet moment and started to hand quilt something which I've been wanting to do for ages.

I'm using a cotton batt which I've never quilted with before. Finding it interesting.

More soon (got to finish off that bottle of rosé).


Belinda said...

Hey....I like parties and Rose' and lots of hand quilting.....why wasn't I invited!!!!?????

Sharon said...

Great start! Drinking wine whilst hand quilting should make it nice and wonky! hee hee!

VivJM said...

Happy birthday Old One xx
Did you like "The Kings Speech" Great film!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

Happy happy birthday! and on with that hand quilting. I loved that movie--living in Canada, I learned to love the Royals.

Juliann said...

Sounds like a lovely celebration. And your quilting is wonderful - love the colors.