Thursday, 28 July 2011


This is what happens to scraps of  paper in our house.

The Old One starts a list of things to do or remember.

The Young One doodle's on it when she's texting (okay, while she's waiting for a reply).

I doodle on it when I'm on the phone.

We end up with a complete mish mash of ideas and I love it.

(and then The Old One complains that he can't read his list. I can. Can you?)


Laura Wasilowski said...

Your doodle list looks like a great design for stitchery!

June D said...

Looks very artistic.

Is the list "Tell Jane about News of the World in my Dad's chest?" Must mean something but not to me!

Would be fun to preserve this doodle in fabric with FMQ. Can't seem to get this link to jump out of the frame with _blank so won't do HTML... instead here is the tinyurl of a post with photo that is related....

: )

Clare said...

DH has a box that was the trunk of his Dad's car. In the days when they had boxes on the back.

It's been wrapped in oil cloth for about 50 odd years and no one has touched it. He opened it last week and found a complete copy of the
News of the World dated 1949! We've worked out there are probably another 3 complete copies in the world!

Jane is my step daughter "The Middle One".

Shasta said...

I really enjoy seeing the doodles we create too - usually on backs of envelopes and other junk mail. So much fun. It does make it hard to throw away the trash then, but I do, most of it anyway!