Friday, 1 April 2011

Beautiful Batiks

Was at the sewing machine all afternoon yesterday.

It's getting bigger by the day and I'm cutting more strips.  I'm thinking of doing a Freddy Moran and filling in with black and white to rest the eye.  It depends on how big it gets!

A lot of these fabrics came from Julie and Wanda sent me a few strips from  her precious batik stash.  It's still breaking my heart as batiks are scarce in France.

Hope I manage to find some in the UK.

Another kitty photo.

I reckon they'll be out of their cage by the end of today!

More soon.


VivJM said...

Black and white sounds like a great idea - will let your colours shine. Good luck with the batik hunting :-)

Scrappy quilter said...

Don't you just love batiks...some of my favorite material is batiks. Hugs

Belinda said...

Oh yes....I.LIKE.

Some black here and there would be perfect Clare!
Have you seen Wanda's quilt she posted this morning? She used a black/white print that looks pretty good. She laid hers out in several different styles.

Heidi said...

wonderful blocks ! Love the houses in between.
And thanks for your comment on my blog

Tonya Ricucci said...

bright happy blocks. loooove those kitties!

Quiltdivajulie said...

SO happy to see you playing with the batiks.

The kitties ... oh my goodness they are so cute!