Thursday, 31 March 2011

Celebrating Em!

Yes, ok, I know!  Em holds all the copyright for celebrating, but it's about time someone celebrated her.

As you know, it was The Young One's 16th birthday a few weeks ago.

Don't look too closely.  We have a binding problem.

Anyway, later that day I received an email from Em asking for my address.   Woohoo!  Pressie's in the post.  I love receiving surprises.

Yesterday a little box was delivered, addressed to me.

Oh - do look!

 I think I'll keep the Starbucks's mug and T.Y.O can have the quilt :-)

Kitten photo call.
Daily Wrestling Match

Help!  Let Us Out!  NOW!

Mum's tail is the best toy ever!
More soon.


Amy said...

very nice gifts! I will be working on some hearts real soon.

Em said...

Love to you, Clare! Thank you for giving me a great reason to CELEBRATE! and what a small world that we are parallel lives with our baby kitties...Amazing to me!!!! I love the connection, thank you! Em

Tonya Ricucci said...

That Em is such a sweetie. oh the babies. love them. hope you are holding them lots, getting them used to humans. hold their little feet especially - makes it easier when it comes time to start trimming their nails. oooooh kitties.