Sunday, 30 January 2011

Family Trees Update

Plodding along very slowly.

You can see where it's pulling across the middle and bunching up on the left and right hand sides. There's a lot of pulling and stretching going on!

It looks as if it's plaited!
Actually its got a sort of olde worlde charm about it.

Hope to goodness the batting doesn't shrink cos this quilt is going to have to be washed when it's finished.  The white has tuned a pale grey colour and there are signs of cat paws, not to mention the odd tea stain (sigh).

More soon. 


VivJM said...

I rather like the plaited effect :-). Look forward to seeing more, well done on your progress!

Sharon said...

I think it looks good. Yeah, it's a little wonky. And wasn't that the point of this one? It will look great when it's finished and washed, and you'll love it, I'm sure.

Marit said...

Just LOVE the way you are quilting it. Those strict lines are a great complement to the business of the design. Have fun with it, Clare!
; )

ROZ said...

What a cozy quilt. I love the charm of the whole thing. Great colors. And an encouragement to me on quilting style

Tonya Ricucci said...

it'll look fab when it's all washed and shrunk up a bit.

woolywoman said...

cat prints are rather like the mark of an inspector, yes?