Friday, 5 November 2010

Out and About in Dordognefordshire

So called because of the huge English contingent, which does seem to be getting smaller as more people up sticks and return to their native soil.

I'm going to take you out and about today - reviewing some of the photos I've taken over the last month.

Perhaps this will be become a regular feature.  Who can tell.  Makes a change instead waffling on about The Boring Quilt.

Right - lets see what photos  Blogger will let me upload today.  They were playing silly B's yesterday and although I uploaded all 3 at once, when I went back to insert the other 2 they weren't there!  Not funny if you are on limited broadband.

First off.
The sun breaking through the clouds on what started out as a pretty gruesome day.

Breaking Through

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Seen in Thiviers a few weeks ago.  It wasn't until I looked at the photo again for the 365 Project that I realised the vertical lines in the photo.  Look at the drain pipes on the left, then the chair legs and then the window display.  Kinda cool!

My 3 girls.
 Not really Dordognefordshire - more Charente.

We had a lovely day last week mucking about in Angouleme.  
Do you know who is who?  They grow up so fast!

Mr Marco the Walnut Picker

Our lovely neighbour collecting our walnuts by hand.
The big plantations pick mechanically, but us poor people have to wait for the wind and rain to bring them down and then get aching backs and black hands!

Autumn Morning
We come round full circle.
This is the opposite of the first photo.

The sun broke through the mist and the day looked as if it was going to be glorious.
4 hours later it was dark, grey and miserable;

Heigh ho!

Hope you enjoyed yourself.  

Let me know if you think this should become a sort of regular feature.



Keith Eckstein said...

Lovely photos - especially that last one!

All the best


Mrdrfreddy said...

YES! This should be a regular feature. It's like a little vacation for me. THANKS!

Sue said...

Clare, since I have never been to your beloved France, I appreciate your photos. Most here in Mi, USA, don't seem to pick up walnuts anymore, too messy and too hard to crack, but they make the best cookies. When the kids were little though, we used to love going out and getting them. Thanks for the photos and the memories.