Thursday, 4 November 2010

Non-Paying Guests

The Young One has joined the Pet Club at Lycée and has become the temporary owner of our latest guests.

They have spent the holidays with us and go back to Lycée next Monday. They have been ideal guests, albeit a bit smelly.

We've had lots of fun with them and are looking forward to them coming to stay again at Christmas.

Mrs Chinchilla
 Isn't she sweet!
Mr Chinchilla
T.Y.O is allowed to name them if she wants to.  I thought of Coco and Chanel as she is mad about anything Chanel!

The problem with having a boy and a girl is that he has been "trying" and she is "trying" to escape.

Life is certainly not dull at the moment!



nicolette said...

Chinchilla’s? They look pretty! Maybe they will listen to Yves and Laurence?

Michele Bilyeu said...

They are so wonderfully cute! I am so glad you have 'aired' them on your blog.

Considering that they arrived with, and exude scent, Coco and Chanel #5, perhaps?

Or how about Mademoiselle and Chance...
two more Chanel 'scents' to consider.

She is trying so hard to be a lady and he is taking every chance he can get to change her ways!

ROZ said...

Cute critters. Congrats for taking care of them