Friday, 5 March 2010

I Heart Jasmine

No, not the flower!

Lovely Jasmine from down under.  We met in cyber space sometime ago, became internet buddies on Facebook, we've played Wordscraper together, me trying to beat her hollow, only to fail miserably, and then she started blogging.

Time flies and she is holding a give-away to celebrate blogging for a whole year (boy does time fly).  You've got a chance to own a Jasmine special.

So please pop over and take a look, by clicking here, but just remember that this quilt has got my name on it!


theodora said...

hello gwen: I have been popping in and out of your blog for some time now,and enjoy reading it and seeing what your up to. I recently started a blog if you have a chance check mine out. I am very new to using it, but I am trying to make it better. take care theodora

Banaghaisge said...

You are the only other person who actually properly LINKED to your page on mine, and half the people who left comments did not even mention my give-away on their blogs. So no bloody cigars for them!
Some pple haven't even updated their own links, so I either had to go hunting to find their new blogs/websites/ or cracked the shits and left them off the Official Entry List.
Is good to add the link at the bottom of my post so then pple can visit you easily, too.
You would think it wasn't such a big ask...
P.S. You are in the hat!
P.P.S My instinct is that theodora (above) is a spam entry - block her. Apart from calling you Gwen it has a distinct smell of bastardry.