Monday, 8 February 2010

Merging Ideas

I've been thinking about how to liberated my choice - No. 60 Roman Stripes - as I think it is liberated enough.  Trust me to pick a liberated quilt to liberate!

Unable to sleep last night and getting excited by the colour combination I am hoping to use, at 2.00 am I could be found going through Liberated String Quilts and - bingo!  I'm going to use Gwen's Amish Rectangular String Quilt (page 67) as part of my inspiration and V's Waverunner as the inner border.

I've already cut 18 7 inch foundation squares from baking parchment (hope the machine can stand up to that) and am now cutting strips.

If I can't sleep tonight I shall be taking the sewing equipment downstairs to the kitchen so I don't keep The Old One awake.

Watch this space!



ooh! it must have been your thoughts that prompted me to quilt that darn waverunner! go see, i just posted it!

#60 is a lovely quilt! I love how it does that weird thing to your eyeballs!

ROZ said...

Another insomniac! I'm up a lot at nights. I have to write down stuff that I think of, so I can go to sleep!

Darlene said...

I can't wait to see your version of this!