Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The First Block is the Hardest

It's so long since I "stitched and flipped" that I forgot how to do it.

But I did remember eventually and here is the first block.

The original colour plan has gone out the window.

Providing I end up with the blue in the centre and the purple at the ends, I don't really care what goes in between!



it's going to be a zinger! Love the idea of the centre and purple being the same... fabulous!

nicolette said...

Très jolie!!

It’s addictive, seeing all those liberated amish blocks!

Did they ever use white in their quilts? I can’t remember ever having seen that. I went to the library to find a book on amish quilts, but no luck.

Lynda said...

Looking great! You'll have some lovely colour surprizes if you don't plan too much!

kwilta said...

Hey it,s looking good Clare, I,ve decided to do the one on the front cover - not sure if it had a number! 'Amish Abstractions' have been fishing out all the plains in my stash.