Monday, 18 January 2010

First AAQI Quilt

I finished my first AAQI quilt last night.

I've called it My Scrappy Mind because it has been made from scraps given to me, mostly by the Bebbington Appliqué Expert, as I call her.

This is the back - fabric given to me by Quilting Pixie Donna, who sadly has decided to stop blogging for the time being.

I  had an idea for another one, but have forgotten what it was!  Typical!

There's been some stash enhancement going on too.

I went into the remaining LQS on Friday to see what they'd got in the soldes.  Not a lot.  In fact nothing.  I was looking round for the "coupons'" basket which used to be on a table in the middle of the fabric room.  Now there is a sign saying that "from now on, due to thieving, please ask us for the coupons basket"!  Can you imagine!  Who on earth would want to steal FQ's!

So I came home with the gorgeous moon and stars FQ and the red one.

The rest is Kaffe Fassett bits and pieces from lovely Marit in Norway.  She saw my post about the lovely Kaffe Fassett stripes Wanda was showing on her blog, and very kindly sent me some.  Aren't they gorgeous.

Ooooohh - guess what!

Does this look like what I think it is.

Do you really think Spring could be on its way?

Yesterday was so gorgeous.  I couldn't believe the sun's warmth and opened every window I possibly could.  The Young One promptly went round shutting them all as she is starting a cold!

I think today is going to be lovely and sunny again, but probably not as warm. So .......


Amanda said...

Now that the snow has gone, the birds are singing nineteen to the dozen, perhaps that's another sign that spring's on its way.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Your daffodils like like ours ... tenacious beings that they are, the deep freeze did not stop them!

Lovely little PQ ~ and yes, I miss Quilt Pixie, too.

Enjoy that warmth - I know we are!

Darlene said...

Love your little AAQI quilt! The fabric you used for the backing really jazzes it up. I finished my first AAQI quilt today, too! Great minds must think alike. ;)

Daffodils! Oops, I thought they were crocuses. My poor little snowdrops are still buried under a thick blanket of snow. It'll be a couple of months yet here in the Upper Peninsula before they can peek their little heads out. We've been enjoying a January thaw, too, but it may be over for now. Ah well, good weather for sewing!