Sunday, 14 June 2009

Quilts 4 Leukaemia - An Idea

We are approaching Quilt #20 and in order to celebrate this momentus occasion, I'm asking for your help. This is the quilt.
The blocks have been made by Karol Ann, Anne and Linda. The border fabric was supplied by Tonya.
I thought I had found a recipient in France, but the mother hasn't replied to numerous emails so ................. What I want you to do is to find me a person to send it to. It must be a little girl - I can't somehow see this as a boy's quilt - and I would prefer the recipient to be in Europe. A lot of the quilts have been going to the USA and beyond so I think it's Europe's turn. You don't necessarily have to know the recipient. You can do a Google search, surf blogland, look on Facebook or anywhere. You might have read an article in your local newspaper, or even seen or heard something on the local news. You must then contact the recipient's parents to seek their consent (I always do this anyway), mentioning why you are contacting them and the Quilts 4 Leukaemia blog so they can see what we do. Then send me an email, or leave a comment here, with a link to the child's blog/web site. The person whose request is successful will receive their own Q4L mini quilt as a thank you.
(Quilt #19 is being finished which is why this one is 20)


The Devil Dog said...

That is a wonderful project. We do not know any little girls in Europe. We hope you find someone special.


belinda said...

A wonderful quilt Clare...I hope a deserving recipient will be found soon!!!