Saturday, 11 October 2008

Quilts 4 Leukaemia Question

I don't know if you all remember, but sometime ago Jenni and Jen contacted Quilter's Quarter in the US and set up an arrangement whereby you purchased a gift certificate, QQ contacted me with the details and I was able to purchase fabric and batting for the quilts.

Quilter's Quarter have stopped doing gift certificates and I have been searching for another online shop who would be willing to take over.

I have found someone in the UK, but before I take the offer further I need to know if you'd all still be interested in continuing with this arrangement.  I know some of you got a bit frustrated with the QQ set up and, to be quite honest, they weren't exactly on the ball!

However, the new people are, and are willing to help so if you are still interested please leave a comment.

After all, its got to be a damn sight easier to donate this way than sending boxes of batting and fabric through the post :-)


nicolette said...

Isn’t it easier if we donate money through Paypall on your Q4L site?

Magpie Sue said...

Hmmm... Would the conversion from US dollars to Euros be automatic? Or at least obvious? I don't particularly like Paypal but using it as Nicolette suggests might be the easiest course of action.