Sunday, 12 October 2008

Open Letter to Bonnie Hunter

Dear Bonnie,

When I first started quilting little did I know that within 3 years my outlook would have changed completely.

As far as DH is concerned, today was the last straw.  With a huge sigh and a shake of the head, he decided that he's had enough of this quilting lark.  I thought you might like to know that he's walking around muttering "What a waste.  What a waste.".

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Perhaps once he's seen them cut up he'll change his mind, but on the other hand probably not!

You also nearly got me into big big trouble.

Remember a few weeks back when we found those sewing machines?  Well, the 1425 is coming back from the hospital next week and the 191B is going in.  It's so far cost us €25 to buy the two and €90 to get Emma 1 restored to her former glory.

Well today, I "just happened" to "spot" a Singer 191B treadle in its original table with some of the accessories.  €50 the seller was asking - €50!  The leather belt had snapped and she was looking very sorry for herself.  She wanted to be taken home and loved.  The seller was prepared to bargain.  I was tempted - very tempted.  DH spotted me from a distance and I swear if there was an Olympic Gold Medal for the fast sprint through a crowded vide grenier, he'd have won it!

DH  "That woman has influenced you enough.  I'm not having any more sewing machines in the house.  You've already got 4!"

ME  "Yes, but look at the price.  And he's prepared to bargain."

DH  "No!  End of!"

I do hope she goes to a good home.   Perhaps if I'd bought her for you and got her shipped over to NC he would have let me buy her.  On second thoughts ..............

Hope you had a good time in PA.

Clare x

PS - the shirts with a non-sewing purchase

From My Photos


nicolette said...

Oh dear, you make me laugh!

Cheri said...

Too funny!

Jas said...

Is he going to wear those shirts???? But I bet he will sleep under the quilts...
And keep buying those machines - they only get recycled into crap Asian cars if you don't.
Tell him there are women who don't make quilts who instead smoke a lot, and drink gin a lot and pour money endlessly into poker machines. Having a quilter in the house is a good alternative I would think...

joyce said...

I can't believe you resisted! Lol. My husband has an obsessive art hobby so he doesn't say anything about my sewing purchases. Maybe that's why we're not rich.

Anne Bebbington said...

Men!!! they truly have no sense of perspective!

belinda said...


andsewitis Holly said...

That really is funny! I can just picture your husband sprinting to stop a purchase. :D

Magpie Sue said...

LOL! Did you get the name of the vendor? Perhaps you could contact him/her on the sly and make arrangements for the machine to get a good home after all... (but don't tell DH I said so!)

Roz said...

Is it because you plan to cut up the shirts, that he is upset? Hide them away so he won't see them. And tell me that that white jar is a jardiniere and not a chamber pot? I'll never forget the time my mother bought what she thought was a jardiniere and it turned out that what she bought was a spittoon or cuspidor!