Thursday, 18 September 2008

Playing with Pink

I'm still weighing up the pro's and con's so will stay put for the time being.  The main reason for staying is the templates - much prefer Wordpress to Blogger for that, even though Wordpress's widget's aren't as good.

Anyway, on to more important things, like what has been happening in the sewing corner.

I've put the stars together and put a border round them.

I then thought words round the edge (You are a star), but I think I've over-egged the pudding.  The words could go across the top and down the side, both sides, or down one side and across the bottom.

Without the words the quilt measures 26.5" by 36".  Obviously with the words and another border it's going to be a lot bigger.

The quilt is for my niece to be .  If I leave it as it is then it will be fine until she gets to sleep in a big girl's bed, but I thought if I made it bigger then she'd have it for keeps.

Decisions, decisions. HELP!

The weather we've been having here is unbelievable.  The Hibiscus has normally finished flowering by the end of July.  There are still one or two blooms left on it.

I've been meaning to take a photo of these fountains for ages.

They're in the centre of Périgueux near the Theatre (Allée d'Aquitaine).

Now isn't that just typical!  There's me saying we having gorgeous weather and the sky has turned black, its raining and there are ominous rumblings.

Donc, A+


Sarah said...

Hi Clare
as a great fan of WP I would personally plump for that! Having said that I have never tried Blogger and it's the writing that counts...your blog will be good wherever you go! I guess it's whichever is most comfortable for you...
Lucky you with the weather, we've had showers and storms this morning.
love Sarah

joyce said...

I'd say go for the full size. They grow up amazingly fast and that quilt would look beautiful on even a teen bed.

Tonya R said...

beautiful, Clare. Have to admit, my first thought was to have the letters just like you have them and then A STAR across the bottom... Light and happy, you're doing a great job. And you know my vote: blogger!

nicolette said...

Full size with the letters will be a gorgeous quilt to keep!

I love the look of typepad blogs, but for now I stay with blogger. Too lazy to change!

Mary said...

Size is a challenge for kids - I like the idea of quilts that grow with them but if they are too big - then they're hard to drag around - of course, this one doesn't look like a dragger so maybe that's a good thing!

Pippa said...

little girls bed and then you can make it bigger in 5 years time :O)

Holly said...

I agree with some of the other sentiments -- make it full size for keeps! I love what you've done.

I've only known blogspot so can't help you out there.