Sunday, 21 September 2008

More Pink

It's the Stashbuster Virtual Retreat this weekend so I thought I bust more of the pink stash.

The words are done and all I've got to do now are the borders.  I'm going to put a few small Maverick Stars in them to use up some of those tiny HST's that seem to have been multiplying by themselves in the scraps bin!

I rang my sister in Los Angeles the night before last.   I'd sent her a photo of the current WiP on this quilt and in between telling me how gorgeous she thought it was, she told me that they are going to call Little Miss Bump Estella, which means star.  How spooky is that!

Oh, I forgot to tell you.  The 1425 sewing machine has gone in for a service and renovation.  We couldn't get it to work and DH was loath to touch anything.

He's not too sure about the 191B either.  We are waiting to see how much the 1425 is going to cost before going any further.

Back to the sewing.

Hope you are having a good weekend.


Teresa said...

A nice quilt and I am thinking what a wonderful gift it would be to someone who had just taken a big step in a new hobby, job, talent, or something like that. Great job!

joyce said...

Maybe the name Estella is a clever way of getting you to give her that quilt! Lol.
A very cute name I must say and I love the quilt. Great idea for the borders too.

nicolette said...

The quilt looks great Clare!

Are you planning on opening a sewing-machine museum?

Karol-Ann said...

What a cute quilt!