Wednesday, 5 December 2007

WiP Wednesday - 05-12-2007

Not a lot going on - surprise is progressing well, hand quilting has come to a grinding halt and Alex is off school with a really bad bout of flu.

Yesterday DH and I went out to lunch with fellow Viveurs to a resto (Au Bien Bon) in Périgueux. Gorgeous Périgordian nosh in a lovely setting. 15 English people chatting away - goodness only knows what the French thought!

Lovely things to look at on the walls - baskets, posters ..............................


And here is Magic showing off her beautiful black pads, asleep on Alex's homework!

Oh Magic - not on Alex’s homework!

Got some more tinsel yesterday to replace the rather old tatty ones we've been using up until now. Alex and I are going to decorate the house sometime over the next week. We usually cut lots of conifer and bay tree branches, put them on top of the cupboards and intertwine with tinsel and other glittery bits. The smell is gorgeous when the fires are going.

Also trying to design a winter/festive header.



joyce said...

The pot on the left on the lower shelf is beautiful. I wish I could relax like that cat!

Angela said...

Love the kitty pic -- oh to be able to nap with such abandon!

Holly said...

Magic is so cute!

Tanya said...

Magic is a beauty! What is it about cat paw that make me smile. I just want to touch his cute toes!

Jenni said...

Love Magic's feet and 'underneath'