Thursday, 6 December 2007

Picfolio Testing

Nick Cliffe has been doing some tweaking on the Picfolio Photo Gallery site.

This is a test to see if the URL linking the photo to the site works.

Autumn Colours


Yee haa !!


and again


Notre hameau



Forgjengelige ting said...

So many artistic quilts here on you blog!!!

nicolette said...

Thanks Clare, I’m sitting here with some tea and enjoying the photos!!

joyce said...

It worked for me. Beautiful photography.

Finn said...

Hi Clare, thanks for the lovely comment regarding Ebby's journey.
For whatever reason my link to you wasn't working so I popped over and IN to say hello, and get it fixed.
Love, love, love the picture of Magic on the homework..great picture!!!! Ebby has only recently gone into what I call her "cute kitty" posing on the floor. Lays on her back, paws in the air and looks at me over the top of her head...LOL. All that in regard to the food dish..which isn't empty, but not what she wants in it. I'll be back to see the greens and new tinsel. Hugs, Finn