Monday, 10 December 2007

Christmas has started


Alex has started putting up the deco's on the windows and the boxes of decorations have been retrieved from the barn.

All we've got to do now is wait for the wind to drop and for it to stop raining so that we can start collecting the "greenery". DH found a Charlie Brown Christmas tree yesterday. Alex decided it wasn't good enough and it has been consigned to the bonfire heap (sigh).

Look what Mr Le Facture delivered about 10 days ago.


Recognise it?  It's one of Anne's beautiful pot stands.  It can't go on the woodburners as the heat is so intense it will scorch so we are using it as a table mat.

We are going to our great friends at Thiviers for Christmas again this year.  It will seem odd not being with Mum and all the family like we were last year, but DS-D and her partner are coming out on the 28th to celebrate New Year which means we will have a family gathering.


Screen door said...

I love the table mat--- a fall, decoration of christmas, or anytime---Gotta make you smile...

Sarah Peyton said...

I hope you have survived the terrible winds....they are better now but very cold! I seem to be obsessed with the weather! A Newbie!

Thank you for dropping by.
Keep warm
Sarah @

Angela said...

That table mat is lovely and I can't wait to see photos of all of the Christmas decorations!