Thursday, 18 October 2007

You Ain't Going to Believe This

I read on Tonya's blog that she had been approached by someone from Clarkson Potter, an imprint of Random House, about reviewing a book for them.

Now this is odd because at about the same time I too received an email asking if I would review The Uncommon Quilter. I thought it was a spam mail so ignored it, then read that Tonya had been approached by the same person so quickly quickly emailed said person back et voila! The book is on its way!



nicolette said...

That’s exciting!!! I like uncommon quilters!

michael5000 said...

Zowie, how cool! I want to review books! : )

Lily said...

Lucky duck!

joyce said...

I just got my review copy of The Uncommon Quilter and will be posting my review soon. It's not totally my kind of quilting but interesting nonetheless. I feared spam but when I googled her name and it came up as a Random House employee I went for it. I feel very flattered to have been chosen. I hope for more reviews (aka free books!).