Thursday, 18 October 2007

6 and 7 things and a Name

Having been tagged again, this time by Susan, I think it is time to get this lot out of the way before another lot arrives. I'm going to narrow the 6 and 7 down to 5 cos that's now many letters are in my name. Right, here we go.

C = cigarettes! Yes I do, but not in the house. DH gave up in 2000 cos of a heart condition and I cut right down to about 5-6 a day, mostly in the evening.

L = Light. Lots of it. Not a winter person, don't like the dark mornings and evenings, but do like the lovely bright, light, cold and frosty days we get here (sometimes).

A = Ancestors. See "E".

R = Rules and Regulations. Oh dear, this means the Quilt Police I think. They aren't allowed in this house. If they could see the reverse side of my tops they would have a fit and I'd be jailed for life!

E = Everest. Mount Everest was named after my great great great uncle, Sir George Everest, Surveyor General of India. His niece was Mary Everest who married George Boole, mathematician and philosopher, without whom none of us would be blogging. George and Mary had 5 daughters, the second eldest being Margaret, my great grandmother. She married Edward Ingram Taylor and they had 2 boys, Geoffrey and Julian. Julian is my paternal grandfather.

And thanks to Nicolette for the You Make Me Smile award.


If you read this, consider yourself tagged for all 3!

That's your lot - I outta here


Lily said...

Ooooh spooky...I met my husband on Mt Everest! Well, fell in love with him there, to be precise! Six degrees of separation at work here :)

nicolette said...

So you are lady Everest! Nice to read Clare! You made me smile again!

michael5000 said...

Heavens, what a distinguished family tree! I haven't a clue what my great great great uncles were up to, but I'm quite sure they weren't generally surveying India.