Saturday, 15 September 2007

You Have Just Got To See This!

I subscribe to a blog called le24 which is basically about the Perigord and what is going on - vide greniers, brocantes, exhibitions, etc, etc.

Going through the various entries I found one about Paris. Funny that - I thought Paris was in the Ile de France, not the Perigord *vbs*.

You have just got to look at this site. Some fantastic photos and if you are a Paris addict (who isn't) you will be knocked sideways by the photos. Type in Les Halles and 1900 and see what comes up. Stunning!

Abstract is being basted, Kezia's quilt is being tied and Tamzin's quilt is being cut - who's a busy bee then.

A lundi and many thanks for the lovely and funny comments about That Cross Cat, fabric diets and centimetres :-)


Bobby (UK) said...

What stunning photographs Clare - thanks for the link. Love the picture of Alex too - she looks so chic! Bobby (UK)

Cheri said...

Amazing photos! How the world has changed...