Friday, 14 September 2007

Naughty Me !

What did I say? 1st September was going to see me being a good girl and Not Buying A Single Centimetre of Fabric.

How long did it last? 13 days!

Seriously, I needed purple fabric for Tamzin's quilt and black for The Latest Idea, some black bias binding for the wallhanging/abstract fabric project and a delve in the remnants box for white cotton for dying practice.

So this is where we went yesterday afternoon.

Fabric Warehouse, Javerlhac

I wanted to take a photo of the brilliant mural on the wall outside, but chickened out.

And to round this post off - I think I've taken the best photo of Alex of all time (except for one cross cat!).



anne bebbington said...

Boy does that cat look cross!!!!!!!!!

Lily said...

Well you lasted half the time. And I loved the 'need' comment!

Oh yes, my cat looks like that too when I pick him up! I reckon you're right Clare - there's definitely Bengal in your puss!

joyce said...

Everyone needs a regular dose of fabric to stay sane. Wonderful picture even if the cat is crabby.

Jane Weston said...

That cat is NOT impressed! LOL
You do realize that know that you've mentioned there is a fantastic mural, you'll "need" to go back and get that picture...which of course might led to more fabric shopping.. :o) I'm evil aren't I?!

Tazzie said...

What a little sweetie ... and I don't mean the kitty! Kitty definitely is not happy!

nicolette said...

Fabric diets are the worst! You did great, 13 days without buying! That’s 13 times € ...?? Alex is a lovely girl!

Tonya R said...

fabulous pic of daughter and kitty - that picture tells a story. and I love your tie-dyed fabric, I can see why Alex claimed dibs. but that spider? eeek. I prefer mine quilted!

Angela said...

Great photo of your daughter and the cat, ok, I kind of like the seriously annoyed cat -- it's, well, typical! Love the tye dye (bleached) piece, I'd claim it too! Have fun dying -- and I wouldn't worry so much about the break in the fabric diet, um, they were NECESSARY purchases!

michael5000 said...

I see a loophole.

Did you buy "a single centimeter" of fabric?

Or did you instead buy MANY centimeters of fabric?

As long as it wasn't just a single centimeter, you're fine!

swooze said...

Yes kitty does look ticked! Poor thing!

Jeanne said...

That's a great picture even if the cat isn't that thrilled.