Thursday, 6 September 2007

Not Wonky Houses, but Wonky Doors

Tonya has been showing some doors in Paris and I mentioned that our house, which was built in aWhen Our House Was Built certain yearOur Front Door

that you Americans will know very well, has what we think is the original front door.

And these markings are on the door.


We think they may be the mark of the person who made it.


And this huge hole is the keyhole.


We still haven't found a key big enough to fit it so DH has had to block it up and put a "Yale" lock on the inside which, actually, doesn't show. Well you can't see it on that top photo can you?

And this is when the house was finished.


It's above the door leading from the lane into the courtyard. History in the making, quoi?

Started during the American War of Independence and finished before the French Revolution!

If only it could speak what stories it could tell.


Something odd is happening on Wordpress so I had better sign out and get on with life before this post goes pffffffffff.


nicolette said...

I hope you can sort the WordPress thing out. I love the pictures of the marks on your house. I live in a very modern cityhouse, but I will go downtown one day to take photos of ancient elements. It’s so much fun. I once took pictures of old housenumber plates. If only they could tell....

cher said...

what a wonderful history as part of your home-thanks for sharing

Tonya R said...

that is so cool. wow. Love that keyhole - glad you're practical lock doesn't show up. We think our apartment building went up in the 1880s and that's incredibly old to me, but you've got us well and truly beat.

michael5000 said...

What an amazing home! Living in the western United States, we are sometimes considered eccentric for how much we love our "old" -- 1906 -- house. But really, the older a house is, the more character it accumulates.

Hope your house ghosts are friendly!

Angela said...

What lovely photos -- and yes, I would love to know what your house could say if it could talk! You've been busy since I was able to comment last -- congrats on the Q4L top finish and on your Little Acorns. They both look lovely!

Rhonda said...

Loved seeing the different doors. Thanks for sharing it with your fellow bloggers.

Carol said...

Oh just imagine the stories your doors could tell (hmmmm, if they could speak, LOL). But even better is imagining the people over the years that have walked through them. Fabulous.