Monday, 24 September 2007

Monday Mumblings - Lots of Photos

Oh boy have I been busy busy busy.

I'm still binding Kezia's quilt, but in between times am having fun. These are going to be sent to the Stashbuster List Mom, Sandra, for her Stashbuster 6 x 6 challenge. Hope she likes them.

6 x 6 Challenge

Then the black ink cartouche ran out on the printer which meant a trip into Périgueux. Are you ready for some stunning photos (even if I say so myself)?

Place St Louis

This is what we call The Fat Lady. She sits in the Place St Louis in the centre of Périgueux. During the winter months this square is turned into the Marché du Gras - selling duck in every conceivable form. In the summer it is lovely. There are restaurants on all sides and they overflow on to the square which is a sea of parasols in different colours. Please excuse the lamp post coming out of her head!


Fountain in one of the Square's near the Cathedral.


Fountain Detail

Detail of said fountain. Those poor ladies holding that weight up! Bet they've got a headache!


I think this must be one of the last remaining shops in Périgueux that still looks like it did 100 years ago. The shop is, of course, closed but I love these doors and shutters. Can't you imagine every shop looking the same.

A little further along the same street I found this.


Hope you can read the words - French on the left, English on the right. The building is in the process of restoration. Must be one of the last buildings to be restored. All the others have been.

An arch


And then a bit further on - found outside the Clinique Franchville.


Which looks like this - outside ashtray!


And saving the best one until last.

Place Franchville

This is the Place Franchville. Used to be a huge concrete square with not a lot going on. Now its the home of the multiplex cinema and this is the main square. You can just see the cathedral spire to the left. I love the lamp shade style lighting and the huge metal pots containing Magnolia Grandiflora.


I'm going to leave it there for the moment. Really must get stuff done. Back tomorrow or more likely Wednesday with the WiP photos.


Yet another vide grenier yesterday - latest haul x 2 (blacks) 50 centimes each!!!! At least a metre big - lucky me - photos next time.


Nicole said...

great blocks, I am sure Sandra will love them!
Your quilting is coming along great!

Connie W said...

Oh how I love seeing the French photos and the only thing better would be being there in person to see the place for myself. The quilt blocks are so pretty and colorful.

nicolette said...

Thank you Clare for sharing these wonderful photos. It felt like being back in Périgeux for a moment. I recognize some of the sculptures. We always had coffee near The Fat Lady! There has been a lot restoring going on!

joyce said...

I loved your photos. We still hope to get back to France again sometime. These pictures make me even more determined.

Tonya R said...

Great string blocks - esp partial to the colorful one on the right. I love that old shop front.

Lily said...

Ah, it all looks gorgeous. Why is it that all things French look good? I lile your string block - great colours!

William Lesourd said...

I felt proud when I read the comments about your photos of Périgueux. Yet, this is not my town ; I was born in Normandy and settled down in Périgueux two and a half years ago. I also lived in the UK for twenty odd years, which explains my English...

This is really a lovely town and it is true that a lot of renovating has been going on (when I arrived, the place Francheville was still a pile of rubble). Thanks to a very energetic mayor, Xavier Darcos, whom I supported on my blog during the elections. This stance is actually causing me to loose a few friends from the left...

The "fat lady" is more widely know in French as "la grenouille" (the frog).

A little correction about the name Franchville : it should be written Francheville.

I had never seen the ashtray near the hospital. Very weird looking. I will go and take a photo soon and add it to my blog.

Great blog Clare ! W