Tuesday, 4 September 2007

C'est La Rentrée

Today is the day when all the schools go back, the workers go back to work and France returns to normal.

I don't know about other regions of France, but the ecole's maternelle and primaire in this part of the Dordogne went back on 28th August, this year's 6eme intake started today and the rest of the collége start tomorrow.

This time last year it was Alex's first day at collége and looking back I was dying to find out how she got on. Tomorrow she will be much more confident and will be able to find her way round the school with no problem!

Her bags are packed, the new classeurs are ready to be filled to overflowing with copious notes, the plastic book wrapping is ready for the massive text book covering session tomorrow and all 3 pencil cases (why 3 ????????????) are full to overflowing. We have paid our contribution to the paper mountain which always saddens me when I think of all those trees, and all we have to do now is wait for the Attestation d'Assurance Scolaire which should have been here last week at the latest and still hasn't arrived.

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nicolette said...

I hope Alex has a wonderful new schoolyear!