Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wedding Pics

These pictures aren't brilliant. Sophie has some better ones to show, but I think she is tinkering with them at the moment.

Walking back from the church. The house is behind those huge trees in the background. About 10 minutes walk if you aren't wearing stiletto's, the most beautiful dress ever made and being hugged to death by your husband.




Two beautiful bridesmaids.

One of Mum's greatest friends is a gardener/flower arranger extraordinaire. She also did the flower's for Sophie's wedding in 2005. She uses the most unusual flowers and her arrangements are stunning. Tom's mother helped her do the flower's in the church and we all helped out with the flowers in the marquee on the Friday. Whilst she was doing the pedestal arrangement for the marquee, the wind picked up and we all thought the marquee was going to take off!

Church Flowers
Church Flowers

Not the most brilliant photo of Tamzin. I have fiddled about with it a bit so it looks a lot less blurry than it did.



More as and when - done enough fiddling for the day. Time to get some stuff done.


Screen door said...

What a beautiful wedding-- looks just like the movies....

Lily said...

Gorgeous Clare - but where are you?!

Love the 'being hugged to death by your husband!' - glad they had such gorgeous weather (apart from the wind) :)

Soph said...

I just posted some more! at last!

There are 2 different posts with pictures :-)