Friday, 13 July 2007

Le Tour de France 2007


Tour de France Logo



Some of you may be interested in this, some of you may not ......................................................


Le Tour is passing the bottom of our road on Friday, 27th July. The route is Cahors to Angouleme (210 km's) and is, apparently, going to be one of hardest routes this year (apart from the Alps and the Pyrénées).


I am hoping that I shall have the time to get together a white sheet and some red paint to advertise Qs4L so that those of you who watch it may be able to spot me.


The ETA is somewhere around 14.00 hours local time and we are between Brantome and Monsec. You can view the route here (and it is in English!!!!).


Back to the grass, the washing and everything else and will post more as and when.

 STOP PRESS - just realised the ETA for the "caravanne' is around 14.00.  The cyclists don't actually arrive until about 16.20.



samantha said...

I'm not a tour watcher, but that is pretty exciting!!

Lily said...

How exciting Clare! Don't get in the way!!!

Jenni said...

I already have done my research and will be watching. I hope they don't wizz past you and not show you.

Bobby (UK) said...

Wow Clare! I'm a great fan and will look out for you! Loving the wonderful aerial views of the countryside and the commentator is great at describing the architecture and history of the various areas. Viva Q4L - oops, wrong language!

Amy said...

Woo! I'm green with envy -- I want to see the peloton go by just once!

I have watched every day thus far, and will make sure I have a look at the route map so I can be watching on the 27th, looking for the Q4L banner!

I agree, they do a wonderful job of talking about France during the duller moments of the race -- I watch as much for the scenery and commentary as I do for the athletics.

(disclaimer -- no, I don't fancy the riders -- but am fascinated by the raw physical power it takes to endure La Tour)

Tonya R said...

Woohoo, I'll be watching for you! very exciting.

belvie said...

This is my first comment....and I can't believe it is about Tour de France and not quilting!

I have watched everyday of the tour for the last 5 years. Don't know why I enjoy it so much, but I do. I am not a big fan of professional sports, but there is just something about the Tour that draws me to watch. I love seeing all the beautiful scenery in the areas they ride.

I live in the Kansas City Missouri area and one of Lance Armstrong's bikes and a yellow jersey was on display at a business firm last year. It was such an exciting thing to get to see it. I can't believe those guys ride so far and so hard on such a fragile looking bike.

I will be watching on the 27th for a white sheet with Q4P on it!!!

Now, to make this a bit quilty. Each night after dinner, I sit down with my hand sewing to watch the day's events of the race. I'm working on some applique. It's a nice way to end my day...stitching and watching the race.

Tonya R said...

I was getting all excited to see where you live, until I reread this post and discovered the tour is coming through NEXT Friday, not today. Maybe they'll have all the audio problems worked out by then. sigh.