Monday, 12 February 2007

DIY Monday

On one side of the kitchen is the kitchen table with all my quilting stuff on it. On the other side is this. To the left of this picture (out of shot) is the dishwasher, still connected to the socket and the drain pipe, in the middle of the floor and top left (out of shot) is the kitchen sink. Anyone got room for me, my sewing machine and my stash boxes for a few months!


ViVi said...

wow. That can't be good.

Thanks for the comments, by the way. I've been crafty all this time, but haven't been bothered to post. I promise after this trip I'll catch up with all the crafters! :)

Lily said...

Uh oh! That doesn't look good! Let's hope it's fixed more quickly than usual in la belle France!

anne bebbington said...

Oh Clare - you'd be welcome over here but it would be a long journey for Alex to get to school each day - having had first hand knowledge of french workmen I hope yours don't live up to their usual reputation