Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Sophie's Quilt II

Thanks to all for your comments and ideas on this. To be honest, having never machine quilted I am petrified of practising on this quilt. So I'm going to duck out and do as Fiona has suggested - tie it. Should be interesting and it gives me an excuse to go out and buy some more embroidery thread!! Talking of which, buying thread has overtaken buying material, but now that I have quit Kim's Fabric Diet for December, its spend up time! May as well make the most of it - it's only for December.

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Susan said...

Sophie's quilt is beautiful, and whatever you do will make it precious and special. Yes, more thread! Can never have too much thread. =) I've been buying silk embroidery threads from Vicki Clayton at http://www.hand-dyedfibers.com Just love them! But not for tying quilts.