Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Pèrigord Vert Matin

We had our first proper frost last night - only a month late! The sky is bright blue, but oh my is it cold! Ha! Blogger isn't playing today - photo will be uploaded as soon as Blogger lets me. In the meantime, sewing and quilting are on the back burner. Yesterday was spent Christmas shopping, today is being spent wrapping the presents, although I can't do Alex's as she is at home this afternoon. We are about to go into Brantome for a quick supermarket shop and to see if there are any decent sized cardboard boxes in the box bin for Christmas Hamper pressies. Deciding to go back home for Christmas is turning out to be a bit expensive LOL.

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Dianne said...

Oh, Clare, it sounds just lovely. One of my favorite places in the world is the area around Perigord, and I loved Brantome...we rented a little canoe and paddled down the river in the summer sunshine...not today, eh?!

So glad you'll be having a wonderful Christmas trip. How long will you be in the U.S.?