Tuesday, 31 October 2006

October Goals

What did I achieve? Not a lot! Ox and Xs got finished and is now keeping its recipient warm. I started my Family quilt and am about 1/4 of the way through quilting it. BTW problem! One of the seams has split. Can I use webbing to close it up again? I suppose getting "my corner" sorted out was something. Anyway, one item crossed off, one job nearly done and I'm going to start cutting Sunburst soon and piecing so that I can take it to the UK with me for quilting. Still no joy with a long arm quilting machine, but I have a cunning plan *wink*
And this is our view from the balcony and kitchen/lounge windows. Taken, I think, one September a few years ago, the Walnut tree to the left is no more - it got blown down 3 years ago. I will post some more photos at some point of the same view in different seasons.


YankeeQuilter said...

I love the view. We live off of Walnut Bank Court - named for several trees that pounded us with Walnuts the past few weeks. Those things can hurt!

You are so organized with your goals and lists...I'm feeling like a slug!

Shelina said...

What a beautiful view out of the window! Sounds like you got a lot of your quilting goas accomplished.

Tonya R said...

that's your view? wow. gorgeous. I'd probably try and hand tack the blown seam down and then do a bit of extra quilting over the area.