Monday, 30 October 2006

Dead End Day!

No photos, hardly any quilting, haven't been myself since the clocks went back (it always hits me in the solar plexus, whether it be backwards or forwards). Chores piling up, Halloween supper to go to tomorrow evening and can't motivate myself for it. Great friend coming to stay with 3 kids on Wednesday through to Sunday so need to get going and get something achieved, even it is just cleaning out the bedrooms and making the beds. It is a beautiful, beautiful day here today and feels like Spring. I can't believe that it is the 30th October and yet the long term forecast is gloomy from Wednesday onwards - huge drop in temperature and they are threatening the first frosts. We get snow - sometimes a couple of inches - but it only last 48 hours. However, we do get very severe frosts. Some days the temperature doesn't rise about 0 degrees C, but those days, although cold, are sunny with clear blue skies. Those are the days when I *Will* sit out on the balcony in a fleece and hand quilt. I will I will! Thanks for all your comments and Susan - no I haven't found one!


Anonymous said...

I have similar feelings about the change in time... (I don't even appreciate the extra hour of sleep...)

Shelina said...

I have a hard time with time changes too - although this year was a little bit easier since I was already trying to adjust to the time change from travelling to Denver.
We are having beautiful weather today too, with a forecast of bad weather after today. I worked out in the yard raking leaves. We get those cold days with beautiful skies too sometimes. Without the clouds, there is nothing to hold the warmth in.

Angie said...

Must be something in the water. :D I've been draggy for several days now. Hope you snap out of yours soon, Clare!

Tazzie said...

I'm with you, it always takes me a while to adjust, I'd rather the 'powers that be' didn't play around with the time at all.