Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Thread Fetish

It has taken me an hour and a half to get this picture to load! Anyway, yesterday I managed to get to the fabric shop in Perigueux and, instead of buying material (well just a remnant of bright yellow) I thought I would look at threads instead for Os and Xs. Decisions decisions. DH got fed up waiting and sulked in a corner and the lady behind the counter was obviously used to people like me as she left me alone. Anyway, came away with this lot - love the bi-coloured pinks and blues. I'm not going to use the green/blue ones on Os and Xs, just the pinks. Wait and see. Whilst I was waiting for Blogger to make its mind up I looked at Bonnie's Weed Whacker. Really shouldn't think about this sort of thing until I've ticked off some of the September list. Am gathering yellows/oranges/reds and pinks together for Sunburst. I have changed the plan slightly. I won't do the criss-cross lines, just lines coming out from the centre like sun rays. Off how to put the layers together and do some binding.

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Hedgehog said...

The sunburst looks great - can't wait to see it unfold.