Thursday, 7 September 2006

Brantome Interlude

There is the most amazing glass blowing workshop in Brantome, run by Eric Simonin, where you can watch him and his students work. I would love to own some of his pieces, but they are terribly expensive. However, the pieces blown by his students are a lot cheaper and Alex recently spent some of her pocket money on presents for her Mum and Dad - mine is the green one, DH's is, of course, the clear one.

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John N said...

We've never heard of him, but we think my MIL Clairette knows him.

Funnily enough we also have a Verrerie quite close to us here in the Essonne at Soisy-sur-Ecole. The workshops are open so you can go and watch things being made. Admission is free and there is a shop opposite. We have a couple of things from there in the house.

Bon dimanche de l'Essonne ensoleilé