Friday, 8 September 2006

Floyd Update. Sophie and Quilting

This is an extract from a mail I received from Sophie yesterday :
On a serious note, Floyd and I are now ambassadors for Leukaemia Research and have spent time this year speaking at their annual conference and also helping fellow leukies through their illness and treatments. Leukaemia will always be very close to us and we are passionate about helping fund research. More teenagers and young people die of blood cancer than any other type of cancer. Floyd is coming up to his 2 year remission landmark (and 40th birthday!!). We still have 3 years to go to the 'safety line' and are determined to help fight the battle by fundraising and helping research as much as we can.
Soph - this is for you. I don't think auctioning is the way forward. The quilt(s) should be donated to various hospitals, especially if a few small ones are made for children to cuddle. This can be done either by you and Floyd donating them to Floyd's MacMillan unit, or through LRUK. They are not for decoration - they are made with love for people to love! And on that note - we are off to Perigueux again (fabric shop is out of bounds!), but I am taking Os and Xs with me just in case I get bored and have to retire to the car to do some quilting (VBG).

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