Saturday, 12 August 2006

Great Fabric Depression

I've just read Vicky's Blog (I wondered what everyone was on about). I am having severe fabric withdrawal symptoms! The fabric warehouse is closed for the whole of August so in that respect I'm not tempted to get into the car and have a spend up, but the fact that I can't do anything new (apart from the odd house) and am stuck with BJW is driving me mad! I wanted to at least make a start on Sun Burst, but can't as I haven't got the fabric (sob). Still can't upload so you will have to wait until Monday!


pippa said...

Go on be a devil, take a look at you can order 9 yards for 9$50 postage and it gets here in about 4 days max, With exchange rate the prices on the site work out the same in euros (bit cheaper) including the postage.
I never spend more than 4$ a yard.
I've been naughty and have 18 yards arriving next week *big grin*

Fiona said...

I also recommend they have just had a delivery of batiks if they are your thing. Like Pippa I don't spend more than $4 a yard.

Kathy said...

Hi Clare, I was just reading your dilemna. I was checking into wholesale fabric prices last week here in the US, which average about $4.00 per yard, so if you can find it at that price retail, thats fabulous. Sometimes I am able to find great deals on sale at (they ship the same day as your order). We are getting fabric from France here running anywhere from $30 - $60 per yard (yikes!).

Susan said...

I see you are reading Jack Whyte's Camulod series. My only regret in reading it was that, once read, there were no more to read! I've read every one of them, and he can't write new ones fast enough. I really feel it could have happened just that way!

Clare said...

Hi Susan,

Apparently the new book is about the Knights Templar.

I'm an Arthur fanatic and didn't realise these books existed. I don't think they are published in the UK.

My friend Megs, who is fellow Crafter, Viveur and Dreamer, has lent me the books.