Monday, 14 August 2006

Da Dahhh

Well, I only been sitting here for over an hour waiting for these two pictures to upload! This is the second house - my favourite one is below. Because they were scanned in to the computer, the material has gathered up a bit which has added a sort of "wavy" effect. The sky materials were found in an annual clear out sale when I started quilting 2 years ago - they are not new I promise.


Tonya R said...

Ooh,like that orange and pink and that window is excellent with the panes. Glad your blogger is cooperating now.

joyce said...

I love the window on the orange house. Great background too.

Serena said...

I love the blue background on the orange house!!

Try using Picasa ( to upload and type in your posts. One day I tried and tried to upload photos all day and got so frusterated!! I finally downloaded Picasa and found it wonderful to use.

The program goes through and finds all the photos on your hard drive, catagorizes them and lets you upload them to Blogger in just a couple steps! I was amazed at how simple it was to use!