Wednesday, 7 June 2006

News Flash and Threads

I tried to send this last evening, but the connection kept on timing out and it isn't too good today either. Who was a busy bee yesterday then! This is the middle section of Blue Jean Windows - only another 12 sections to do. Colours haven't come out very well have they. I was on a roll yesterday and was up until 12.30 am pining and machining seams so today am exhausted! I'm running out of blue thread and other bits and pieces so am hoping to persuade DH to go into Perigueux for a shop. Tonya - question. On the next project I want to use a different type of thread. - A bit thicker and contrasting colours to the background so it will have to stand out. I have read your "Threads, Threads & Threads" article on and am at a bit of a loss re "perle" thread. Is it the same stuff that they use for crocheting in France and is sold in rolls, rather than reels. Am with you on embroidery thread, which presumably you have to buy by the lorry load if you are doing a bit project (comme moi!) LOL and yes I can see it would be a devil to thread. My eyesight is bad enough as it is without needing a magnifying glass to thread a needle! Mind you, I tend to use very thin darning needles which have big eyes Must get going.


Serena said...

Pretty color combination on your blue jean windows!! Hang in will get there little by little! :)

Tonya R said...

DMC makes perle cotton thread right there in France - at least that's what it says on the label. If you look at Threads, Threads, Threads again you should be able to find the picture of the perle cotton ball (would that be a roll? And what's a reel? you wouldn't think we'd have this many differences between American and English English...)

The floss can be a pain to work with, but it actually goes much further than you might think, at least if you're separating it out into 3 strands.

Love your color combination.

Clare said...

Hi Tonya

Do you find you forget what certain words living abroad? I have a complete white out sometimes and for the life of me can't remember the English word for something. You are right - it is reel - as in reel of cotton! Doh!