Saturday, 3 June 2006

Gwen Marston and other quilting authors/books

Tonya - you have a lot to answer for! I have been hunting for the Gwen Marston book, Liberated Quiltmaking and found it on for about £23, but there is a 6/9 week wait. Whilst searching for that, I came across Liberated String Quilts, also by Gwen Marston. Whilst looking at the blurb on that, I found Thinking Outside the Block by Sandi Cummings and Karen Flamme which looks interesting. All that lot will have to wait until July now. I was lying awake last night thinking of all sorts of things (dear friend's marriage is heading for the rocks) and a new idea for Sunburst came into my head. I will need to see if it will work so will let you know if it does. Still no news of an appointment with the Liver specialist and I've got another blood test in 2 weeks, and another check up for my repeat prescription. I thought the French health service didn't have waiting lists :-)


Tonya R said...

But it's soooo worth it. Ouch tho. And having to wait..

The Liberated String Quilts is excellent, haven't ever gotten a chance to look through the Cummings book.

Good luck with the sunburst quilt and getting in to see the doctor.

Pippa said...

As a thought, I had very bad liver problems in the uk, pancreatitis when 21 and was told id never be able to drink alcohol and was t total for 5 years or so, I came over here and the doc gave me milk thistle tablets, after 3 months my liver had repaired itself and I can drink again, their only herbal so might be worth taking some claire, I did a lot of research on them and there's loads on the net about it, my bil had stomach/liver problems that the docs could never solve properly, blamed ulcers, ibs, liver, he took them and is now also recovered.