Thursday, 29 March 2012

Creating a Mess!

Greetings from a gorgeously warm South West France! I think we've missed out on Spring and Summer has arrived!

To celebrate I started creating chaos in the sewing room.

The plastic tub holds triangles of all shapes and sizes

Couldn't be bothered to clear the decks or swap the walking foot on Emma 1 (on the right) for the 1/4" foot so got out another machine. She hasn't been used for sometime and I wondered why. Now I know. She chews fabric! Definitely does not like string piecing.

So I started with this

This is a 5kg plastic tub and that is the top layer.

I'm finding all sorts of treasures which I'm keeping. You know how much I love batiks and I couldn't bear to use these beauties.

Yes, I know the square top left is not a batik, but I want to keep it for something special.

But I'm having fun piecing together odd shapes,

ironing, cutting and seeing what happens.

After about 3 hours solid sewing (with the odd interruption when The Old One turned off the electricity supply without telling me!), I created these.

I'm looking forward to hearing what they whisper to me.

I must tell you something funny.

For some weeks now I've been turning my Parts Dept upside down looking for some specific crumb blocks which I was sure I had. Somewhere.

Imagine my surprise when they turned up in Blogland! Pat had them! You can see what she's done with them here. I did have to mention that the block bottom right in the last photo is a house and it's now lying on its side!!!!!

On to more mundane things for family readers.

We're slowly recovering after the Big Freeze. The Old One has spent the last 3 days up a ladder trying to join pipes together where they burst. He's working in a tiny space and soldering new joints proved impossible so he's using special joints. We've finally got cold water to the main bathroom! However, when he did the hot water run he found 4 small bursts further along the line which meant hauling out The Very Big Ladder, climbing down into a very small space (lucky that he's small and thin!) and finding the leaks. I personally feel it would be easier to replace that particular pipe run, but he's adamant that he can fix it! We shall see.

Just one more thing before I sign off and start cooking supper.

The Liberated Quilters Yahoo Group (see link in sidebar) has got some astounding blogger'esses and they are churning out some wonderful stuff.

We've created a special blog so they can show off their work to the world. Click here and then click on any of the blogs which interest you. Some you may know already, but others you won't. Enjoy!

And on that note, I'll love you and leave you with a recent photo of a local church, processed with my new find, The Gimp.

Nontron Church

More soon.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Lovely messy fun!!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

The gimp is a great program...give me a shout if you need any help...I use it all the time.

Connie said...

Love your creativity!

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

....HA..too funny...just what is it about those batiks??? I do the same thing with mine...I save them!!!

joe tulips said...

I had to go look at the house...funny. It looks kinda cute that way!

margaret said...

Clare, I wanted to let you know that I have chosen you to receive a Liebster Blog award! Come by my blog to pick it up.
So sorry to hear about your friend Roz. I didn't think it appropriate to add this comment to that post.