Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Widgety Fidgety!

Courtesy of Google Images

There is only so much snow a gal can take!

To relieve the boredom I've been blog hoping and finding new bloggers - a great way to spend a cold and grey afternoon.

Not a lot of what I call "me" blogs. Some quilters are far too precise for my liking and need to ease up a little. LOL!

However, I have found some great widgets.

Look at the side bar and scroll down to the widget below "Past Ramblings". Talk about a space saving device! You can add it by clicking on the "Get this widget" link underneath it.

Another one (and I Do like this one A Lot) is a Print or PDF widget (look at the footer underneath this post). You can get this one by clicking here and following the instructions.

However, when you get to the layout page bit the widget will be at the top of the sidebar. You need to move it by dragging it to underneath the Blog Posts box.

More soon.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Happy Valentine's dear friend. Thanks for your dear comment today. I was gone all day with my MIL but it was nice to come home to some dear comments from all of you sweethearts. Thanks for the links..I'll check them out~~

homeschooled said...

Blog hopping can certainly eat into / fill your day.
Keep warm!

Erica - Peppa Jo Patterns said...

Hey thanks for this interesting info on widgets. I'll definitely check them out!

Keep warm and snug, we are sweltering here in temperatures of 32 degrees + in Durban, South Africa!