Saturday, 17 December 2011

Next Project

I've been pondering and mulling over books for my next project.
I want to stop doing words and UnRuly stuff for a while. I thought I ought to expand my hand quilting skills by using templates or creating my own designs.

I was also give some gorgeous hand-dyed 9 patches sometime ago by Kate at Kate's Quilting and have been wanting to use them.

Lo and behold - I found this in Amish Abstractions (click on link). Perfect!

Can't wait to start!

More soon.


Belinda said...

Well....looks like 'the plot' has thickened....with beautiful colors and shapes!!! You go girl!!!

Kathleen C. said...

Beautiful colors, Clare.
I've used templates a few times tho I'm not crazy about them. My favorite hand quilting is to make my own designs such as small loops; zig zags, parallel lines separated by a wider space; gently curved lins from one corner of a square to the next corner, etc. You'll have fun no matter what you do.

Clare said...

I'm looking through books, notably Gwen's, and finding designs. I'm going to crack this if it's the last thing I do!

Tonya Ricucci said...

that'll be beautiful. funnily enough, I've got AA out myself, wanting to work on that Ocean Waves quilt I set out to do sooo long ago.

June D said...

Looking forward to following your progress on this Clare!

: )