Friday, 30 September 2011

Time to Clear the Decks

I reached an impasse.

I can't do any more Brick Blocks as I've run out of design wall space and I can't get an overall impression of how its going when the blocks are piled on top of one another.

So it's time to clear the bigger design wall. That means back to Music is Magic.

I started planning the layout and putting the first row together yesterday.

I originally wanted the letters to jump about a bit, but it didn't seem to work with this quilt. So this is how I feel it should look.

I'm starting with 1" strips between each letter, but I may need to rethink that as I progress.

I need to drop "beyond" down a bit so it doesn't clash with the A above it and make it more centred.

The second row needs moving down a bit too so the two A's are separated out.

I want to leave the "y" in "beyond" as it is, dropping down between "all" and "we", and the last line will need to be spread out a bit as the exclamation mark has still to be done.

Once the top is finished it can be pinned on The Young One's wall as is until I'm ready to quilt it.

In the meantime, I still adding to the pile of strings when I get an opportunity to play Leaders and Enders.

Changing the subject.

The  second series of  Downton Abbey started the Sunday before last. For me it's not hitting the same spot as the first series did. I'm finding the actors a bit wooden and I get the feeling they are reading their lines off an auto cue. All except the brilliant Maggie Smith.

We'll see what happens this coming Sunday which appears to be a bit more exciting. Lady Edith needs a good hard slap, but I won't spoil it for you!

And woohoo! The last in the current series of  Dr Who tomorrow night. I wonder if all will be revealed.

More soon.


Michele Bilyeu said...

I just truly love how you make letters. This will be gorgeous. So, having you taken over the young one's room with your sewing yet can be tempting sometimes. I managed to wait for all three of mine to be gone for one extra year after college and then...redo! You end up missing them, then ...tho. Not the same. But oh the sewing storage ;)

Tonya Ricucci said...

letters all looking great. I hate having to change gears and go work on something else - always takes time to gear back up and get going. Really looking forward to tonight's Who. Got a lot of it somewhat figured out. Old Doctor travelling around with younger Amy and Rory. Very timey whimey. woohoo!

Connie said...

I loved last season's Downton Abbey and even bought the DVD set of it. I hope I love it again this season! I don't know when it plays here but I'll have to watch the listings.

Pattilou said...

I love catching up with you on your blog. Can you believe I purchased some bags of scraps. Needed some new colors and these were far cheaper than fat quarters. I keep thinking that lego quilt looks enticing. I still may join in. But, like you I've got way too many starts and they are spread out in two rooms!

Your word play quilt is going to be just grand!!!

quilteuseforever said...

Bel hommage à la musique !
I love how it turns out, your letters are incredibly precise.