Sunday, 4 September 2011

Oh Heavy Sigh

That's what I did when clicked "New Post".

Google Chrome is getting slower and slower and reading blogs is getting harder.

I'm just reading the Liberated Quilters Web Ring at the moment, and even getting behind on that. It's like walking through treacle.

Firefox is fine, but I miss Chrome.

However, in between dodging the dreaded Hornets who are eating all the figs (The Old One is in despair), making sure The Young One is ready for Rentrée on Monday evening and generally trying to keep out of the heat, I have been sewing.

Et voila!

I wasn't at all sure the dark green would work, but the TheYoung One assures me it does, providing I don't use any more.

Looking at this photo, I think the "d" needs to be redone, but I'm liking the layout so far and I do like that y.

I'm limbering up for "all we do here!". The colours are the big thing now. A bit more purple I think and perhaps the exclamation mark at the end should be the same fabric as the first A to round it off. On the other hand I've got some black and white star fabric which would be great.

I'm now going to see if this will publish via Chrome so will wish you a happy day/evening/night wherever you are.

More soon.


Belinda said...

....UH?.....the 'd' redone? Why??? No's wonderful! Stop looking at it!!! It's fine!!!

Plum Cox said...

All look great to me - well done!

VivJM said...

I keep looking at the d and wondering why it needs to be redone...? Looks fab to me, gal!