Saturday, 13 August 2011

Who's a Lucky Girl!

Lots of goodies having been arriving at Chez Moi!

It's not very often I win a give-away. The lovely Roz was hosting one to celebrate her 500th post and was giving away etui's (needle cases to you!). I won!

I  love it!  Thanks's Roz.  I'll treasure it always!

The following day I received a squishy from Heidi in Germany.

Sorry -  not a good photo.  My sewing room was in full sun when I took this.

When I've finished machining together red and white strings, I'm hoping to start on a sort of Lego quilt like Tonya's. I've been going through my strips/strings and think I've got enough for a lap quilt, but lovely Heidi sent me these.  I love the Halloween one. Thanks Heidi. Can't wait to start using them.

Then someone gave me this.

I'm not too sure what to make of it.  Although the colours are great, and it's beautifully made, every single piece of fabric is poly or Viscose and the shiny black is imitation leather.  Interesting mix of colours and I like the concept, but .......

The back is denim

and although it's small, it's heavy!

I'm going back to those red and white strings, but I'll leave you with a photo of a lovely clothes shop in Brantome.

More soon.


woolywoman said...

I think the prairie point thing would make an excellent mat on which to put frosty drinks and a bowl of nibbles, right next to the sewing machine.

Heidi said...

Glad the stripes arrived. I cut some stripes for me too, but like you haven't started yet.
And congrats for winning the needle case :-) it's lovely

Belinda said...

Oh yes....lucky you! The little quilt thingy is interesting isn't it!!!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

So glad that the etui arrived--it had a big trip from California to France. Glad that you like it.