Saturday, 23 July 2011

Saturday Photo Shoot

Not a lot of sewing going on at the moment. I'm waiting for Round 4 of the Liberated Round Robin.

However, yesterday I took the camera out for a walk. First time in ages.

I had to go into Brantome to do some chores. You know the sort of thing. Go to the bank, post some letters, do a bit of shopping.

I managed to time it just right. The market had finished (if you live here Brantome is to be avoided like the plague on Friday morning's unless you have a death wish!), the streets were clear and most sensible people were finishing lunch.

The old church is undergoing a major refurbishment. They're taking off the cladding, revealing the stone work and old windows.

I haven't got a photo of what it looked like before, but you can see some here.

To think that these windows and walls have been covered up for years. Aren't they stunning.

The Place d'Albret is where the main market is and during high season is a disaster area.  As I said, you've got to be mad to even think about going there on a Friday morning, unless, of course, you are a tourist.

However, when the stallholders have packed up and the street cleaners come in, the place is deserted. In 13 years I've never seen it looking like this, even out of season. Actually it does look like out of season doesn't it?

Where has the summer gone?

There is some sort of exhibition going on at the Abbaye. I love this poster against the brick wall.

Walking back though Albret and along the Quai Bertin, very fast before the heavens opened.

I was tempted, very tempted, to stop for a bite to eat, but they were closing.

I finally made it back to the car before it rained

More soon.


Bridget said...

I liked how your photos seemed to have a bittersweet quality....the empty marketplace, the two people walking together were particularly notable. Makes me want to come see it for myself. Thanks for an excellent post.

Juliann said...

Thanks for taking us on your walk. Love the photos of the church. We have had too much rain here this summer but looks like we might have some sun for the weekend. Better take my applique outside.

YankeeQuilter said...

Those windows are gorgeous...what a beautiful place. I wouldn't mind the crowds just to be in a French outdoor market...but then again I'd be a tourist wouldn't I!

June D said...

Thank you for sharing your day - the photos and words together let me pretend that I'm there with you!