Monday, 25 July 2011

Getting It Straight

I've been having trouble trying to get my 1/4" seams straight with the Singer 1425. Who you? Yes me!

Very annoying it is too to find the seams vary in width from 1/4" to 1/2" to 1/8", even with a 1/4" foot. The foot was jumping all over the place and I could actually see it moving.

The other day I thought I'd have a go trying to adjust the tension to see if that had anything to do with it.

Got out trusted manual as I couldn't remember whether the lower the number, the higher the tension, or vice versa.

When I looked at the illustration I suddenly realised what the problem was.



Talk about a DOH moment!

There is a lovely man on Ebay who sells all sorts of bits and pieces for sewing machines. Accessories and feet which are impossible to get hold of anywhere else, and for less than half the price they are over here. I mean €8, including postage, instead of the €30+ I found one for here in France.

My lovely Singer is now behaving itself and, yes, I did have to adjust the tension, but only slightly.

Continuing with the subject line, I have been trying to get things straight in the sewing room.

After the kitten invasion, there's stuff all over the place. The Old One and The Young One have been using it as a dump room which hasn't gone down to well. However, I got my own back on The Old One.

This box has been hanging around for years so I've found a brilliant use for it

and a nice little storage shelf at the top for bits and pieces. Can't believe I started quilting using those MDF templates. I don't think he's noticed yet, but it had been in the barn for a few years so what's not used is either sold on, or I find a use for it.

Amongst the massive tidying up I found this project which I had forgotten about.

Tidying up has stopped and I'm playing. I'm trying to make the letters pointy like a magican's hat and the "m" for "magic" is definitely pointed and slightly off kilter. I'll show it when I've done some more.

It's raining chats et chiens so back to the sewing room I go.

More soon.


Belinda said...

....LOL...glad you figured out your problem....and hey, stop straightening up....I'm not!!!
Great letters you have there, how fun you found them! I sewed up some letters this weekend and it was great having Tonya's book so handy!!

I don't think you are pushing that rain my way hard enough!!!!!!

Pippa Parsons said...

Im loving the words, whats it going to say when finished... you dont want to know how many UFO's I found :( and im fed up of fabric folding but need to get it done...
How many hand quilting threads have you got, I steal boxes and stuff like that from DH but this time i've got my own 80odd thread holder, will take photo soon.
Lets hope it stops raining soon, Im running in and out, tip runs and trying to get washing dry :(
Keep tidying *grin*

woolywoman said...

missing it. what's different in the sewing machine picture?