Friday, 10 June 2011

Two Finishes

What on earth is happening to Blogger?  The Dashboard has changed, as has the post page and I can't find anything.

It's taking an age to load and Google has, for some reason, changed my template.  I rather like it!

Anyway.  I had a marathon binding day yesterday.

Let's see if I can upload photos.

First off Family Trees in all its glory.

The more I look at this quilt the more I love it.

Next up - Cutie Bug!

The quilting is very basic as I wanted to get it finished.  I tied the centre, hand quilted the letters and tied the border.  Very quick.  It took me about a week which is surely an all time record for me.

My niece is going to love this.

I've given up on Ab Fab.  That didn't last long!  I really want to get Blueberry Fool tied.

S is for Stripes is also calling to me.  Did I mention that a friend has got 70 metres of curtain insulation which is exactly the same as a cotton batt, but not as thick.  She's given me a couple of metres to try out and I'm dying to use it on S is for Stripes.

The ankle still hurts, but I'm counting down the days until 21st June when hopefully the cast comes off and I can drive again!

More soon.


Sue said...

Clare, these are the coolest things ever! I love family trees and cutie bug is fabulous. Wonderful finishes. Sue in Mi

Rosalyn Manesse said...

Oh Clare, your quilts are making my head spin! I love the family name ones especially--really great.