Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More Inspiration

This is London calling!

We are presently with The Middle One and her partner, living amongst chaos as they've got the builders in and the place is covered in dust sheets and dust with workmen swarming all over the house.  You can read more about their building exploits here.

The Middle One paints some amazing pictures and they really are inspiring.

No 1

Liberated strings perhaps? 

No 2

Close up

I love this one.

How about using the triangle or the square and doing an Amish style quilt, working outwards using different colours?

No fabric sourcing or purchases yet, but I did buy this book yesterday.  Loads of inspration!

Will post again when we get home as I think this our last day with access to the internet.

More soon.


Sandee said...

Thank you for sharing the paintings. I love the colors in the striped one. Travel safely!

VivJM said...

Love these paintings!

jovaliquilts said...

Lovely art on the walls -- truly quilt inspiration!

Belinda said...

Well my goodness....her paintings would make FABULOUS quilts Clare!!!